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We offer comprehensive travel insurance regardless of where you booked your travel accommodations. 

Travel insurance is a very cost effective way to protect your travel investment.  With more and more travel suppliers restricting their cancellation policies, a travel insurance policy will give you the safety net that many vendors have taken away. What only costs pennies on the dollar could ultimately save you thousands of dollars and plenty of headaches down the road.


Regardless as to where or when you booked your travel plans, Consider it Booked can still protect you with a travel insurance policy from a worldwide vacation protection leader (Insurance must be purchased within 72 hours of trip payment).

A Trip Cancellation Covered

Sally, Alberta

I had to cancel a trip that my husband, mother and I had planned to Cuba. My mom had gotten sick and needed to be hospitalized. We had to cancel our plans. Thanks to our travel insurance we were reimbursed for our trip within one month of the claim. I have told my friends and family about your company.

Crisis Onboard Cruise Ship

Richard, USA

Onboard what should have been a dream vacation with my wife, I experienced a life threatening medical situation that prompted our ship captain to change the course of the cruise ship to get me to the nearest hospital. After an initial examination at the local hospital in Mexico it was decided I should be flown to a hospital in Arizona where I was in the ICU for several days. Our travel insurance coordinated a medical escort to assist me on the flight home and they took care of all the flight arrangements and ensured I got home safely. I really can’t say enough about the professionalism and service I experienced.

Medical Emergency in Paris

Diane & Robert, SK

During a 10-day trip to Paris my husband had to go to the hospital where he spent 7 days in the ICU. The travel insurance arranged to cancel the airline tickets we could not use, took care of the new reservations and gave me comfort that was so reassuring.

I never saw a bill for these services. The kindness and support of everyone I had contact with was amazing. I paid the hospital bill with my credit card, but our travel insurance promptly repaid us for all our covered medical expenditures after we submitted receipts. Having a medical emergency away from home is a frightening experience, but they provided us with more support than I ever would have expected.

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