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Consider it Booked - Giving Back

Consider it Booked provides either commission free reservations or reduced priced fares for a number of charitable causes.

Here are some of our current programs.  Please contact us at: for additional information

Mission Trips / Church Trips

Goodwill Trips

Let Consider it Booked handle your next goodwill trip.  We will offer either commission free or very low commission services which should save your civic group even more money.  Plus, we have strong relationships with airlines, hotels, bus operators, and more so we can get you where you are going safely and for less then you expect.

Group Hotels

Bereavement / Emergency

Let Consider it Booked take care of you when you need it the most.  If you experience a death in the family or even a family emergency, the last thing you want to do is worry about arranging hotels for out of town guests.  We will use our negotiating powers with some of the best hotel chains on the market and negotiate you a group rate and handle the reservations.


Schools, Medical Expenses, Civic Group, Church, Goodwill, or Disaster Relief

Let Consider it Booked manage your next fundraiser.  we can put together vacation packages for very little and we will even waive our fees. We can put together getaway trips and even cruises for as low as $300 for two people.  Donators will not only be giving to a great cause, they will also be receiving the chance to win a great trip

Charity Flights,
Bereavement,  Medical,
or Emergency
Let Consider it Booked help you when you need that last minute flight.  Whether it be a quick flight for a bereavement for a sick or injured relative or a full service medically escorted flight, we will take care of all of the details and planning.  We will use our purchasing power with the major airlines and negotiate the best rate available on the earliest departing flight.