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Consider it Booked Independent Travel Agent

Frequently Asked Questions




Why do you need my Social Security Number?


The IRS requires that we document either your Social Security Number or your Federal Employee Identification Number (if you have one). This is done for employment verification and also for tax records.


Why do I have to fill out a W-9?


As an Independent Contractor you will be responsible for reporting your earnings and expenses to the IRS. At the end of each tax year we will send you a 1099 on your commissions earned.


Can I have my own company name?


Yes you can!  You can select any creative name that you like as long as the name is not trademarked. By using your own company name, you'll have the unique ability to market your company and your offers as you see fit. All while enjoying the benefits of the Consider it Booked umbrella of protection.


Do I need a website?


No you don’t need one, but we will give you one for free! It will be your own travel agency web site that is completely maintenance free as our software program automatically updates your site with the latest specials and promotions. 


How do I get paid?


Our payroll cycle is Direct Deposit twice per month; once on the 5th and once on the 20th. Commission received between the 1st and 15th will be paid on the following 20th while commission received between the 16th and the end of the month will be paid on the following 5th.


When do vendors pay commission?


Every method of travel is a little different but generally all cruise lines pay commission when the client’s final payment is due (75 days from sailing or within 30 days if it’s already past the final payment date). Hotels and rental cars are generally paid on the day that the client’s travel concludes (the day they check out or they return the vehicle). Airlines do not typically pay a commission, but travel agents can charge a service fee to book flight.


Why is there a $150 new agent fee to become an Independent Agent?


Similar to Realtors, Travel Agents are required to be licensed and insured prior to selling travel. There are application fees associated with obtaining your license, obtaining the insurance policy, and setting up new agents with systems and suppliers.


Will I have my own clients?


Absolutely! You will be responsible for marketing and advertising and in return for your hard work you will reap the rewards of having 100% control of your client’s bookings. You will have direct access to the reservation system and you will handle everything for them – including servicing the reservation after it’s been made.


How do I find clients?


There are several ways for agents who are just starting out to find and retain new clients. In additional to word of mouth, family & friends, and social marketing, we provide you with access to a lead generating system that averages 400-500 new leads per day. You have the luxury of creating your own unique marketing program that best fits you.


What if I want to go away on vacation?


That is what we are here for. But don't call it vacation - call it on the job training! Whenever you leave on vacation you can fill out a vacation notification form and we will handle all of your bookings and client questions when you are away!


Why do I have to sign a credit card authorization form?


This will be your method of payment for your refundable setup fee and your monthly or annual insurance & licensing.


Will I get to travel?


Yes you will. But even better is that you will be able to tax deduct your travel as long as you can easily articulate a fact finding process. But that is not hard when we deal with so many vendors. Any flight, rental car, hotel, transfer, or tour can be 100% tax deductible. Just keep all of your records for your tax advisor. We also offer you exclusive access to FAM's (familiarization trips). We also receive frequent FAM's for cruises as low as $20 a day. In exchange for these great rates you do have to attend some classes and informative lectures while onboard. Additionally, Carnival, Cunard, Princess, and Norwegian Cruise Lines all offer FREE new agent graduation cruises to learn more about their product.


Can I book with any vendor?


Yes, you can book directly with any airline, hotel, car rental, cruise, train, or tour company that you wish.


Can I hire agents to work for me?


Unfortunately, you cannot. Consider it Booked is a fully licensed, registered, and insured travel agency. As an Independent Contractor of Consider it Booked, you are allowed to have employees work for you; but these employees are prohibited from actually booking travel on your behalf.  Employees are generally used in larger agencies for reception, IT, advertising, etc. This means that you can’t go out and try to recruit agents to work for you and then sit back and collect the commissions – you are the only agent authorized by our vendors and protected by our insurance.


What are the commission rates?


Agents receive a standard commission split of 60% of the total commission earned.


Can I adjust my commission to be more competitive?


Yes, you will instantly know how much commission you will earn from a reservation. If you want to offer shipboard credits, a bottle or wine, or a lower fare (depending on vendor limitations) then you can adjust your commission rate when you make the reservation.

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