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Consider it Booked Travel Agency:  Your Company's Professional Travel Concierge

Company Savings

Consider it Booked will save your company considerable money. Your personal travel concierges will protect your company from unintentional spending and ensure that your company receives the best rates available. Our staff can meet your travel needs and create travel programs from bare necessity travel to extravagant first class accommodations.

Our Services

* Full Travel Services Provided

* Dining & Entertainment Reservations

* Tee Time Arrangements

* Exclusive Access to Event Passes

* Meeting & Board Room Reservations

* Company Incentive Travel

* Venue Procurement

​* Supplier Loyalty Programs Apply

Detailed Reports

​​We provide our clients with detailed monthly reports that break down your expenditures into predetermined categories for easy accounting. We can also submit reports documenting individual employee travel related expenses. You will have current budget expenditure reports at your fingertips.

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