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What does Consider it Booked Offer Independent Contractors?


Unlike big box online travel agencies, Consider it Booked realizes that not every one has years and years of experience (but if you do that's great). We will patiently guide you throughout this learning process. If nothing more, you are able to earn healthy commissions on your own travel as you learn the ropes.  Give it a shot; you really have nothing to lose and everything to gain!



  • As an Independent Contractor you will have the freedom to work at your discretion from anywhere that you choose!


  • Continous on-going monthly training webinars bringing you and the suppliers together!


  • Immediately begin marketing and branding your own business name; all while reaping the benefits of the Consider it Booked umbrella of protection


  • $1,000,000 in Errors & Omissions liability insurance coverage.


  • Commission rates up to 85% - The highest in the industry!


  • Live commission tracking software.


  • Commission payroll issued on the 5th and 20th of every month.


  • Access to the latest B2B marketing tools and software.


  • Agent vacation assistance - Don't worry about your bookings while you are on vacation, we will handle your clients for you.


  • Quarterly sales bonuses and vendor bonuses


  • Remote connect tech support for software related issues.


  • Exclusive FAM's (Familiarization trips), Seminar's at Sea, Ship Inspections, and more weekly access to agent exclusive deals.


  • IATAN & CLIA certification programs.


  • Ongoing supplier training with free course graduation cruises.


  • Access to our Seller of Travel Numbers so you can sell online in any geographic market while complying with California and Florida State laws.

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